Going to a seminar for 2-days, must bring my lunches. I was thinking about Chicken Salad 1 day & a Roast Beef ?!

Question: Going to a seminar for 2-days, must bring my lunches!. I was thinking about Chicken Salad 1 day & a Roast Beef !?
the next day!. I have a small cooler and those ice packs but I'm wondering if it will keep things cold enough for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday!. How can I make sure my food stays cold!? Thanks for your help!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

dry ice is your best bet!. but keep it in a paper bag and you wont need a whole lot of it!. but its much safer than regular ice!. the dry will evaporate eventually, so u may need to get more!. But make sure that you keep the cold food in there and the bread separate or you'll have soggy bread (yuck)!. Best of luckWww@FoodAQ@Com

Definately bring the Roast Beef!. LOL but yes Dry ice is the best just make sure your food does not directly touch it dry ice is so cold its actually kind of hot Put some thing in between the food and the ice Like card board a thin sheet of it or put you food in a plastic bag in a paper bag i think dry ice will melt the plastic but not a hundred percent on that i know dry ice is actually a chemical compund and you dont want it absorbed into your food a plastic bag inside a paper bag is perfectly fine thoughWww@FoodAQ@Com

When I had workshops for several days, I would stay in a hotel that had a small kitchen!. Usually the workshop had a re-frig!. It would be good to inquire if a microwave is available as well (frozen entrees)!. Otherwise, I cannot think of anything to keep it cool for so many days other than buying it at a local grocery store before going to your workshop, or dry ice!. McDonald′s has reasonable prices too!. I would take all of the things you might crave such as something crunchy (pretzels, cheetos,popcorn), something sweet (sugar free chocolate, fun sized candy bars), applesauce, fruits and then buy your sandwich only!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

hi Professor Grey, sorry young lady, big no no on the poultry, first day, go with the roast beef, second day lunch box with vegetable strips, and cherry tomato's with some sort of dipping vinaigrette, the last day buy something on the way home!. Pack cooler accordingly per last in first to be used, use those hard plastic freezer packs about 4!. Check where your going if they have a freezer at least you can refreeze the packs!.



I would nix the chicken salad as the risk of food poisoning due to temperature changes is greater for that type of food!. do a straight chicken or turkey or ham or roast beef!. You can generally order some dry ice from your local grocery store - if you need things colder longer than the ice packs will lastWww@FoodAQ@Com

I would recomend you keep everything separate until you are ready to make the sandwhich!. I would also recomend that you add some carrot and celery as part of a blanced lunch!. You make want to use whole wheat bread!. And skip the roast beef and use peanut butter and jelly!. ditto with the egg salad!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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