Office Party Theme Idea?!

Question: Office Party Theme Idea!?
This will NOT go to voting!.!.!. I will choose 10 PT Best Answer to the Person with the best ideas!.

We've got an office party (called AfterHours) in November!. I need some original ideas for our committee to discuss!.

We can have beer, wine, etc!.
We have a budget of $500, but we can go over if necessary!.
For a business of about 150 ppl!.

Themes already done:
Carnival (Pie throwing, dunking booth, etc!.)

Themes already on our 'brainstorming' list:
Mardi Gras in November (beads, creole food, masks!.!.!.)
Homeless Society (grocery cart races, drink from mason jars, soup kitchen food!.!.!.)
LIFE (the game is played kind-of like "are you smarter than a 5th grader" and a "cop" will go around arresting people who haven't "turned 21" yet for drinking and we will have an 'old folks home' where they can race wheelchairs)


Try an Awards Show Theme!. It's perfect for a group of about 150 people!. Have everyone dress up like they're going to the Oscars or the Emmys!. Have a red carpet at the entrance and hire a photographer to take pictures of everyone as they arrive!.

As for the awards, make sure they're not boring or dry!. Hand out funny award certificates or trophies, like the ones available at http://www!.FunnyEmployeeAwards!.com

This theme can be done very cheaply, but look very glitzy at the same time!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

You can check out this website for a lot of party theme tips and ideas: http://partythemeplace!.com/sitemap/Www@FoodAQ@Com

We had a casino one that went over really well!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

Well Toga parties are always great!!!

or a Masquerade Ball sorta deal!.!.!.!.!. everyone wears masks and dresses up!! !.!.!.!.

No offense but I don't think the homeless one is a good idea at the moment!. Unless you plan to donate some canned goods or something!. Otherwise, someone could file some kind of EO report!. Just asking that you consider that!. Okay, enough with the lecture!. It's a party!

We did a casino night and that WAS a lot of fun!. Not that much money either!. You can rent those wheels and of course, cards and poker chips are cheap!. And you can even make it like a mob kind of theme or 40s where everyone dresses in diamonds (fake or real!) and boas, and fedoras and canes!.

You could actually do one on Office Space but that might get a little boring!. One person doesn't get cake!. LOL

By beach, did you mean luau!? We did that one year and it was a blast!. Hawaiian shirts and dresses!. Everyone wore leis!. We bought a lot of the stuff at Oriental Trading Company and I think I only spent about $200 for coconut cups, decorations, etc!. We had a contest where we decorated boxes and everyone "voted" with dollar bills for which boss would have to wear the grass skirt and coconut bra at the party!. The donations were used to pay for the food as we got so much money!. The big boss won of course and he was a good sport about wearing it all night!. Lots of photos that night!

We've also done Pirate and Wench themes!. Again not much money was spent!. Table decorations were those little plastic chests filled with gold chocolate coins but of course the guys kept eating them all!. Costumes were easy to throw on after work and we just had picnic food!. Big turkey legs to mimic how a pirate would eat!.

At all of our functions, we try to raise a few bucks to give out door prizes!. Not big ones, just some gift certificates for movies, pizza, fast food, etc!. If free food doesn't get them there, free gifts will!

Oh, I wanted to add that all of our decorations and things go into storage but if someone has a party at their house, they are free to use them!. Anything damaged has to be replaced though!. This was a huge selling point with the boss to get him to use money for these kinds of things!. Recycling and helping the employees at the same time!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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