How do you plan a housewarming party?!

Question: How do you plan a housewarming party!?
Set a budget for the party!. This should be done first and will drive some of the other decisions you need to make!.
Decide what kind of party you want to have!. Everything from an informal outdoor barbecue to an open house to a formal sit-down dinner is appropriate!. (Your budget should guide you in making this choice!.)
Make a checklist of everything that needs to be done before the party!. Refer to it often, and cross items off as they are done!.
Decide if you want any activities other than socializing and eating at the party!. If so, plan the games or other activities you will include!.
Choose a menu!. This will depend heavily on the kind of party you are planning, but you should decide if you are hiring a caterer, having guests bring food potluck, or if you are doing the cooking!.
Make a guest list!. Close friends of the new homeowner should be included, as well as new neighbors if the object is a getting-to-know-you theme!.
Buy or make the invitations!. Or, if the party is casual, do the inviting over the phone!. Be sure to include the type of party, date and time, and give guests some idea of what to wear ("casual," "dressy," etc!.) Since some people may not know the way to the new house, give directions or include a map!.
Keep track of RSVPs so you know how many guests will be coming!.
Make a shopping list!. Include everything you will need to provide food and beverages, make decorations or centerpieces, and items you will use for serving food and drink!.
Relax and follow your checklist for a hassle-free party!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

Invite as many people as you'd like, and I'd keep the food & drinks simple!. Beer and wine and then a few snacks like cheese & crackers and veggies and dip!.

You can do it as an open house like on a Sunday afternoon from like 1-5(if its a wide variety of ages like kids, adults, and seniors)or have it as a Saturday night party if just friends!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Agree with Timmy, CaveGal makes it way too complicated (games!?)!. A housewarming is an opportunity to welcome your friends/family into your new home!. Decide who to invite, get some party trays of finger foods and chips/crackers/dips/cheeses, a few bottles of wine and relax!. Do it as an open house so people can come and go at their leisure!. When I did mine, I just sent out an Evite (evite!.com) and that was it!. Just don't ask for any gifts, register for gifts, or make any gift suggestions!. It is customary for someone to bring a small token of congratulations (even if it's just a card) but it is rude to expect it!. And enjoy! Www@FoodAQ@Com

FOOD, STRIPPERS, BEER!.!.!. Party time!.!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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