Where can i get a copy righted cake?!

Question: Where can i get a copy righted cake!?
i took 2 pictures to walmart bakery to have options to put on a cake!. 1 of which is my dog!. I was called and the lady tried to fake her way threw spanish telling me both pictures were copy-written!. First i am not of spanish decent (my last name is only threw marriage)and the picture was of MY dog!.
Why wouldn't they tell me this before i left the store and second

where can i get a cake with my dog who apparently has suddenly become copy written put on a cake!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

If you have taken the photo, the copyright is yours! So you have the right to put it on a cake, or have others do it!.

However !.!. if you have facebook, post the photo there - by doing so you wave all rights to your photo!. Then noone can claim the photo is copyrighted!

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