My daughter is turning one. Any party game and recipe ideas?!

Question: My daughter is turning one!. Any party game and recipe ideas!?
I'm not sure if I want to have her party at our house, at Chuck-E Cheeses or if I should rent out the small community center near our house!. My husban's parents are coming in from out of town yet I don't expect much of my family and friends to show up!. What should I do!? What do you think I should serve at the party!? Any game ideas!? And decorating ideas!. ( Tinker Bell Theme)Www@FoodAQ@Com

you could just have it at your house since you dont think there will be many people there!. cupcakes are easier for 1st birthday party you could make cupcakes and pink icing with spinkles!.
the meal depends on the time of day for later parties i would cook burgers and hot dogs!.
or earlier parties i would just do appetizers, finger foods and cupcakesWww@FoodAQ@Com

You get a little birthday cake just for her so she can stick her fingers in it or her hand in it and take big bites!. You buy a regular size for everyone else to enjoy!. Have the cake made in the Tinker Bell theme!.
I would have it at your house so everyone can really focus on her and what she is doing!. Especially when she gets into her cake!!! I would get the cups and plates and napkins in with Tinker Bell on them!. If there is no more kids coming don't worry about anything else!. I would have the cake, Ice cream, chips and dip, and cheese puffs for the baby!. I would have soda and coffee (some adults like coffee with cake)!. Everyone will love watching her and socializing with each other!.

have the girls play pin the bow on tink or hire some one to dress up like tinkerbell and visitWww@FoodAQ@Com

Don't over do it for a first birthday party!. Your daughter will probably sleep through most of it anyway!. I would go with a small community center or do a small family get together at home!. She's one, how many friends could she possibly have!? Save Chuck E!. Cheese for when she's older and can run through the venue without you playing the games for her!. Keep the food simple, kids don't eat much- hot dogs, burgers, chicken, rice and salad!. Get boxed juices or capri suns for the kids and canned soda's for the adults!.(Cups create spills) As for games, keep them simple, guessing games (such as guess the number) with prizes!. As for decorating, keep it simple, order some purple and green helium filled balloons, some purple and green streamers to hang from the ceiling, and order a cake with tinker bell cake toppers instead of a picture!. also, you may want to save some money and make cupcakes yourself and frost them purple and green (tink's colors), or let the kids frost them as a party activity, just be sure you have different types of sprinkles!.Cupcakes work better for kids and you don't have to worry about storing extra cake!. also, individual ice cream cups work well!.

Hope I was of help!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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