Serving for the first time?!

Question: Serving for the first time!?
Im recently becoming a server at the restaurant I work at!. Do you have any good tips on how to become a better server!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Been there, done that ;-) It's hard work, but let me give you a huge piece of advice!. Be as sweet and kind and helpful as you can possibly be!. Your goal is to get good tip money, as well as have your customers leave happy with the service!.

As a diner, there are only a few restaurants around me that I'll even consider going to, and that's because of the exceptional service!. Train yourself very well on questions that would be asked, like the special of the day, types of dressing, etc!. But be honest about meals!. If someone asks you your favorite, don't lie and tell them the lobster because it's high priced and you want a better tip, tell them the truth!.

Be personable, but not personal!. Diners are there to enjoy their meal and each other, they don't want their waiter/waitress to comment on their hair or their outfit, it makes some people very uncomfortable!.

Do your very best from the beginning, your boss will see that your and excellent server, and will in turn give you better shifts and better tables!.

And most of all, have fun!. People can clearly see if you enjoy your job or not, and it makes their dining experience better!. Good luck, and enjoy yourself!Www@FoodAQ@Com

treat all your tables as one!. if you check on one check all of them!. don't go up to the table every time though!. you don't wanna over serve!. don't offer something you don't have on hand (like a water or tea refill without a pitcher in hand!.) putting a smiley face on your receipt gives you an average of a 15% higher tip!. oh yeah and become psychic!. the more details you get like, "on that hamburger can i bring you any mustard mayo or ketchup" you can bring all of it at the same time so that the guest isn't sitting there with their food waiting on you to eat it!. don't take the glass to refill it 1st it is against health code to take a dirty glass up to the bev station and 2ed what if they choke and need a drink!. and the best advice ever is serve how you would like to be served and people will come back and ask for you!.!.!. which means more money!Www@FoodAQ@Com

You have some excellent answers!. I'll offer just a bit more from the customer's point of view!.

Don't tell the customer about your personal problems!. I've had this happen several times!. It really ruins my meals!. I'm going out to get away from my problems, not to hear about yours!. I want to have a good time when I'm dining out!.

I managed a retail store many years and listened to my customer's problems, but didn't burden them with my problems!. I don't mean this to sound rude or heartless!. I don't think it's professional or appropriate to discuss your problems with your customers!.

My sister (an excellent waitress) would tell her customers as they were leaving - Thank you for allowing me to serve you!. If you enjoyed my service, please ask for (your name) next time you come in!. She got lots of repeat customers with good tips that way!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Always make eye contact with the customer, listen very carefully as some times it may get loud with other people talking, don't be afraid to confirm the order from the customer(read back order), be aware of what they are drinking regardless of what it is, and ask if they want any refills, and be aware of their body language, i!.e!. some problem, or when they want to pay!. Don't get stressed out, just be as natural as possible, and professional!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

1!. Clean and pressed uniform - your appearance says a lot about you!.
2!. Know your products - food and beverage and if a guest asks a question you don't know, be honest and tell them so but then find out for them!.
3!. Smile, make eye contact, be sincere and friendly!. Show some enthusiasm!. Yes, you really want to treat them as if they are guests in your home!.
4!. Know the fundamentals of service: don't handle glasses at the top, serve from the left, remove dirty dishes from the right, ladies first, don't reach across your guests but move around the table instead!.
5!. Meet your timing standards - the greeting, food and beverage delivery, dropping the check and processing payment quickly!. So many servers sabotage their tips by not doing so!.
6!. Greet regulars by their names!. Get their beverage of choice ready for them!.
7!. Communicate with your guests!. If their order is delayed, let them know what is going on!.
8!. When there is any kind of problem, apologize and see what you can do to fix it!.
9!. Consolidate your steps!. You should always carry something out with you from the kitchen or wait station and you should always return carrying something (dirty plate, check presenter)!.
10!. Treat your bussers well and they will have your back and offer you endless support!. Same thing with the kitchen - never anger the chef!
11!. Teamwork is mandatory and it starts with you knowing your job and doing it!.
12!. Go the extra mile for your guests!. Challenge yourself to think of ways to provide them with great service and a fantastic experience!.
13!. Do all of things but stick to those timings because ultimately you want that table to turn so that you get another seating!.
14!. Don't take things personally!. People dine out in all kinds of moods with all kinds of attitudes and you need to be able to shake it off!.
15!. Never let them see you stress!. I don't care if the kitchen is on fire, you need to be calm and engaging because the guests really don't care what is going on as long as they are taken care of!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

my tips:always look fresh,hair,hair,breath,shoes,uniform,apr!.!.!.
i always say: and what wil it be for for the lady!? and for the gentleman!?
never ever touch the food with your hands!.do not have extra long nails and never paint them black!.try not having your hair all over your face!.
check to refill water or bread and butter!.always say enjoy your food!
i always star by saying something cute with a smile: wow isn′t it hot today!?you can use this opportunity to offer cold matgaritas etc!.the opposite:say, a chocolate martini if it is cold!.of course get familiarized with the menu!.be nice not only to your work mates but the personel behind the scene-cooks-of couse!-dish washers,bus boys or girls!.arrive early to have a chance to get your uniform,hair etc!.perfect-and look relaxed-always wash your hands before and after going to the toilette!.never serve while you have your mouth full!.don′t drink on the job!.!.!.
when you give the change try to give at least a 5 and SOME singles!.to make it easier for them to leave a tip!.
always say bye with a smile and the :come back soon!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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