Bar and Grill CONCEPT?!

Question: Bar and Grill CONCEPT!?
I am planning to open a bar and grill!. So far the best spot we found is in Midtown!. It's going to be a neighborhood bar/ sports bar!. I'm trying to come up with a name!. I want to attract the 30 something crowd!. I thought of midtown tavern, big city tavern,but this seem to generic!. I would like to find a name that has a Homonym( double meaning) i!.e!. The Pour House!.(that name is already taken)Www@FoodAQ@Com

Boys and Grills (Ummm, maybe not; they might think it's a gay bar!.!.!.)

The Dugout
The Athlete's Foot or Cup!? (N'other joke)
The High Ball
Foul Play
Three Strikes
(I'll be back when I think of some more, but don't mind the jokes!.)

The Stadium
Left Field
Three Cheers
Winner's Circle
The Right Stuff
The Gold Cup
Play Ball!
The Tie Breaker
The Home Team
The Headliner
No Guts, No Glory
Raise a Glass
C'heres To Ya! or Cheers to Ya!
The Victory Dance
The Perfect Pitch
High Five
The Wave
Midtown High Score
The Whole in Won

(I'll be back!.)
Soccer To Me (nah)
(Kid wants the computer!.)
(Kid went to bed, so I'm back)
Midtown Para Dice
Curve Ballz
Grills N Thrills
Highs N Lows
The Fair Play
Dun Roman
Bottoms Up
Sassy WenchWww@FoodAQ@Com

“On the Glass” Sports Bar & Grill
“Penalty Box” Sports Bar & Grill
“Rebound Tavern”
“Fanboni” Sports Bar & Grill
“Neutral Zone” Sports Bar & Grill
“Center Quart” (Instead of “Center Court”)
“Over the Limit” (Basketball Reference: when a team commits 5 or more team fouls per NBA period (4 in each overtime); 8 or more per WNBA half; 7 or more per half in college; this team is also said to be in the penalty!. )
“Slam Drunk” (Instead of dunk)
“Breakaway” Tavern or Sports Bar and Grill
“Penalty Shot” Tavern or Sports Bar & Grill

the bar and grills where i live we have

jacks bar and grill

B Js bar and grill lol i forgot the meaning

P T bar and grill Play time bar and grill

sneakers pub and grill

i would name it

K O BAR AND GRILL ------- KICK OFF BAR AND GRILL and K O ufc lol Www@FoodAQ@Com

I like the name

" the Bank"!.!.!. then your wife will never get mad at you when you are telling her you have to go to the bank after work!!

Or " Stroll Inn"

"sports Haven"Www@FoodAQ@Com

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