Suprise party ideas please... It's my mams birthday in december - 46th?!

Question: Suprise party ideas please!.!.!. It's my mams birthday in december - 46th!?
we're throwing a suprise party for her - it's not a milestone year persay but that way she won't expect one!.!.!. None of us have thrown a party before and don't have a clue what to do - what we need!.!.!. she's not really into alcohol and doesn't have a massive group of friends!.!.!. but i know she wants a party!.!.!. House under renovation at the moment so we'll have to get a hotel space!.!.!. please help me!.!.!. ^_^ thanksWww@FoodAQ@Com

HOTEL would be good, so you can work with their cater, and other venders!.

if someone has a lap-top and an iPod you don't need a DJ

Put a few family members in charge of PHOTOGRAPHY !!!

Don't forget the CAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(save money, and just get a sheet cake)

reach out to siblings, and aunts and uncles for $$$$ !.!.!.
(say instead of getting a gift for Mom would you be willing to help for the cake, or the guest book etc) !.!.!.

Blow-up some pictures of Mom, and have them placed throught of the party area!.

ballons !.!.!. help fill the space and add color!.

since Mom isn't into drinking much !.!.!. maybe instead of a bartender !.!.!. just go to bevmo and have a bottle of wine/champage at each table!.

you better get on it, if you want to pull this off for December !.!.!.
lots of hotels book up do to the Holidays !.!.!.!.

HAPPY PLANNING !!!!!!!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

You don't have to get a hotel space esp!. if she's not going to have a huge gang of friends there-try renting a function room in your local pub,the ones they use for 21sts and delegate food out to family members!.
Think it's very late to try and book hotel or pub though as you are in xmas party season-most will be booked out through december already and will be dearer than usual!.Could you have it in a relatives house!?
Could try booking a restaurant for a large group once you have the numbers going and tell her your just taking her for a quiet meal and surprise her with everyone there before her-any decent restaurant, can be her fave or chinese or indian or anything, depends what she likes!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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