Ideas for a traditional "Bethlehem Dinner"?!

Question: Ideas for a traditional "Bethlehem Dinner"!?
For Christmas Eve this year our family (30+ people) is having a traditional dinner that would have been served around Jesus's birth time!. We will be eating on a low table with pillows and by candlelight!. Any ideas what to serve!? also anything activities that would be related to that!?

Ok these are some traditional foods served during that time!. I'm typing straight out of my cook book and also from LOTS of experience from Sunday School! :)

There is leg of lamb or fish- the meaning is The Savior btw :)
Horseradish- bitter herb having to do with slavery in Egypt
Sliced Boiled Eggs- Beginning of Life
Unleaved bread- this is bread that hasnt risen, pita bread works, it also means the Savior and i know it means like!.!.!.the escaping of persecution of religion and they didnt have enough time to rise the bread
Challah or Matza (cracker bread), with honey, cheese, grapes, olives!. Its said this was commonly eaten in Jesus's time along with dates, figs and baklava!. Grape Juice is served as a drink to symbolize the blood shed from Jesus, red wine also works too!. Oh and Baklava was eaten during this time too!. Sinnce you can pretty much buy everything I'll just paste the recipes for more elaborate stuff:



ALL kinds of lamb recipes, chops, stew, casserole:


And this is just a for fun recipe for kids that im typing out! :)

Snowball Soup:

10 cups of instant powdered milk
1 jar of coffee creamer
1 can of instant choc!. drink mix
2 cups of powdered sugar
Snowballs (giant marshmallows)
Choc chips

Mix powdered milk, coffee creamer, choc drink mix, and powdered sugar!. Wheny ou are going to serve this add 1/3 cup of hot water, mix it in!. Top with the marshmallow (snowballs) and sprinkle it with chocolate chips!. It says here it stays good for 6 months! This says it can create 45 Snowball soups :)

Good luck happy holidays!Www@FoodAQ@Com

well a light fresh fish such as tilapia, a rustic type of bread served with oil, you could probably do homemade hummus with pita, also a vegetable such as cabbage, broccoli or even cauliflower were serve back then!. They also ate dates, & grapes which will make for a very sweet appetizer!. Baklava would be a great dessert served with honey!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

How about gift giving!? That's one activity that never left out!. All the guests in the party are assigned to give a present to another guest!. That way, everyone goes home with a gift in hand!.

You can serve ham, turkey, seafood dishes and fruitcakes!.



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