Tic tac anyone?!


Tic tac anyone?

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5 months ago
............fresh mint!...........

5 months ago
............fresh mint!...........

Mint please. Thanks.

i guess

ok i will have the white mint tic tacs

What flavour?

As long as you don't shake em at me .....yes please

Yes please a orange one as they are lurverly X

i'll only take yours so i can shake them at you!!grrr!

Oh no thank you, I am chewing Tums right now. But if was very nice of you to ask.


yes please so long as its not from one of those green and orange packs - they are just WRONG!


well thank u my kind hearted sir!!!! hahaha

Don't you shake them Tic Tacs at me!

rrrrrrrrrrrrrr you built me hopes up then, I thought they were orange ones.......

let us know next time you have orange ones x

i only like the orange ones silly, you should have bought all the flavours with you tonight!

Have you got any other flavour?


thanks-I hope its a white one they are my fav

yes please.....

No thanks! Hate the things; they stick in my tooth.

yes please

Yup...two for me please!! thanks

sure the orange ones

yes please a mint one would be nice, but i especially like an orange one and a green one at the same time


no thanks

yes please, i'll take an orange one.


Sure. Have a nice day.

no ta


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