Is eating beef considered low brow???!


Is eating beef considered low brow???

My friend at work was shocked when I suggested some cuts of beef for a big dinner he was putting on. In his opinion beef = barbeque = lowbrow rednecks. He said he'd never consider serving it since in his words it was "unhealthy" and "blue collar". What is going on here ??? Note: He did say chciken and fish were OK.

Actually, beef is high brow, but the barbeque has a conotation of the south, etc.

He's a snob. And an uneducated one at that. Tell him you're planning on BBQ'ing Kobe beef and see if that makes it OK.

Although some bbq may not be entirely appropriate for a formal dinner, it's perfectly fine in my opinion. Bet your friend wouldn't object to braised lamb shanks or Osso Buco or a crown roast...

It's only now that I learn that people can grade what you eat with your living standards (snob value?) No, in fact beef is considered "better" food over here. Many of us can only afford this once in a while, in a restaurant. But of course, for health reasons, some people refrain. There's certainly no snob value attached to the food we consume regularly.

there are dozens of elegant beef dishes

filet mignon?
beef wellington?

to name a couple...

Some pal you have there.
If you enjoy hanging out with that loser, then go eat his fish and chicken. The rest of us "redneck blue-collars" will continue to enjoy some fine beef.

Check out this link:

Perhaps he read this.

There is nothing wrong with red meat. Beef can be healthy for you, just like any meat, don't eat all the fat! Barbeque in the South (rednecks) is normally made from Pork, not beef, and I should know since I live there!!!

I served BBQ strip-loin roast to company last night with a great Wine, Rosemount Balmoral Syrah . Every morsel got yummed up fast. I hate people who can't enjoy themselves. Best party I ever threw was a BBQ pizza party with sangria, everyone made their own pizza and we sat around for hours cooking them and eating.

Oh give me a break......I would be insulted. He may as well have said that he thought your suggestion ='d lowbrow redneck. I have never been to an upscale restaurant that did not serve a beef dish, usually steak (most often, priciest on menu). Of course, I'm sure he eats only at restaurants where prices are not listed.

I'd purposefully invite him over and then serve him bbq'd hamburgers (20% fat), a slice of processed cheese food, white buns, baked beans, and potato salad. Don't forget the cheapest beer you can find in red plastic cups. Maybe do your traditional "group belch" to end the meal....

Clearly someone has never had chateau briand with a nice red wine reduction.

Yeesh what a snob. If anything I would say chicken is more 'lowbrow' than beef. The only thing I associate with BBQ (if one could consider the fine art of BBQ 'lowbrow') more than chicken is hotdogs.

And you're allowed to serve unhealthy food at a dinner party. The requirements for a good dinner party are as follows:
1. Good Friends
2. Good Conversation
3. Good Food
4. Good Booze
(Nothing about healthy)

He's just a snob.

Your friend is a toss!!! Why not leave him off the guest list and invite some real people.

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