What's an original party theme and activity for a May birthday?!


What's an original party theme and activity for a May birthday?

I need help thinking of something original but fun, and an original and fun activity for my birthday in May.

Okay - so you are a Gemini - right? Why not go with a whole duality (Ying-Yang) theme. Do a birthday cake half chocolate, half white cake - decorated with either the Gemini twins or maybe a Ying-Yang symbol or the dueling dragons Ying/Yang. Then you could go with sort of an Oriental theme. It would be cool, different. You could have Chinese fortune telling. Your party favors could be small Chinese take out boxes with candy, fortune cookies, and maybe some incense.

my birthday is in may so you can party with me. hey who wouldn't want to do that. Huh?

Hey me too!! WooHoo... Party in May!!! BTW... How old are u? Cant come up w/ a theme till I know if I'm planning a teens party or a 21 yr olds or a 60 yr olds! There's just toooooo many options!!!

April showers bring MAY flowers? Have a floral theme- tie some flower bulbs or seed packets in tulle (sp?) as (cheap) party favors and hire a florist to come and do floral arrangement demos. That way people can take home a nice flower arrangement, too!

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