What is something we can do at a hollywood party for a 13 yr old turning 14?!

Question: What is something we can do at a hollywood party for a 13 yr old turning 14!?
i was thinking maybe hire a photographer and have a photo shoot on the red carpet!?
any other ideas!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

I like the idea of a photo shoot but instead of paying for a photographer, spend that money on buying a digital camera for the guest of honor!. Then the birthday girl/boy will also have an additional gift!. Photos can be loaded onto the computer, edited, enhanced, and printed off using photo paper!.

If the digital camera can also take short video, some short films could be made!. Load them onto the computer and edit to create a special birthday movie or a parody of a favorite film!. If your computer has a DVD burner, you could even make a DVD of the film!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

awards for best costume and speech
vip section
hire people to serve food and drinks
make cool drinks and fancy ones
make a video or movie from favorite movies or musicians

have fun it osund great and next year maybe try tis one

You may want to have a look here: www!.chase-games!.com

This site describes an Amazing Race party plan that is great for a birthday party, sleepovers, scavenger hunt, etc and is designed for kids aged 13 – 18!. The “legs” of the Amazing Race party plan sell on eBay quite cheap (like $5) or they sell it through their site with PayPal!.

If you are not familiar with the Amazing Race, you can learn about it here: www!.cbs!.com/primetime/amazing_race !. Good Luck!


That's a nice idea!. I personally love Outback steak house!. >:] But maybe that's just me!. !._!. Anyway, have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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