How do you have a really bangin' party?!

Question: How do you have a really bangin' party!?
I am having a party on New Year's Eve for my swim team and some other friends!. I have never really been to many parties, or have had many so my question is how do I make my party so great that people don't want to leave!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

I have hosted many parties and am a part-time events planner!. There are several keys for a good party!.
* Good music (I usually go to iTunes or download cds and make a party cd with your favorite songs)!. Go to iTunes for recommendations such as party music too- they have good iMix options!.
* Good food- I often find that less is more!. Do a few appetizers and drink options!. Keep it simple!. I made so was food once that it was so expensive and I was cleaning up for days!.
* Favors for a New Years party you can go to iParty or even find something on line for a reasonable price!. For a NY's party I bought leighs, noisemakers and a few of the tiaras!. Both guys & girls wore them!. also lightly decorated with streamers!.
*If there is going to be drinking at the party, you may want to just buy a keg!. Easier clean-up!. No bottles or returns!.

Good luck and have fun!! Www@FoodAQ@Com

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