How do we now birbs like bread?!


How do we now birbs like bread?

They eat it don't they? Can't taste that bad then.

They eat the stuff. Simple.

They eat it. They also like toast. doughnuts, spongatta, biscuits, etc.

They must like it because they always finish up the bread I put out for them...

they eat it whrn we give it to them

maybe they are sick of eating worms.

My birb eats whatever I tell her to eat, and if she doesn't like it she can have bread

E-gads!!! Don't you children read your own questions?
Do you mean to ask: How do we know birds like bread?

if you mean birds, its coz they eat it

Whould you eat anything you dont like?

Yeah, maybe they're just too hungry to quibble about it. Though, bread is not good for birds, anyone giving bread to birds should soak it in water first. Preferably buy some wild bird seed and give them that instead.

how do we KNOW birds like bread? B/c they eat it when you spread it out in your yard.

its made from cereal and seeds which all birds like

Because they eat it.

They like bread because when we feed it to them they eat it. Its actually not good for birds because there not getting the nutrition they need or usually get from bugs, worms etc. Feeding the ducks was actually banned from my town because the ducks were so fat they werent eating right and they werent migrating. If they saw you with any kind of bag they would practically run after you thinking it was food.

We dont...but from observation they do...and base on experience if you were to throw several items you notice that the birds will take on the bread more often of the time. The reason is the food that are found usually most abundant are bread. and that its easier on their digestive system. Remember bread have fiber and are not consider healthy but good enough that they won' t suffer any huge problem raising from the food they digested. Take a wild duck for example, the food they east and relative to the bread. its is and the taste is relative to that of plants that they take in.

by putting bread and other type of food in front of a bird.

pigeons it anything, i even see one eatting chew-gum, the vpoor things are starving

THey eat it dont they!

Birbs or birds, haha! Well, if you put some out for em, they eat it. Bit of a give away that!!! :-) xx

Are u seriously askin that question? hahahahaha =p

Did you mean birds as I have never heard of a birb,anyway if they didn't like bread they wouldn't eat it would they???????????

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