Do you have any suggestions for a Wonder Women Party?!


Do you have any suggestions for a Wonder Women Party?

My daughter wants this theme for her party. I looked and saw a party set for wonder women but the price was ridiculous for the amount of supplies. Any suggestions for making my own decorations with this theme?

create wonder women crowns from carboard.
use the star on her crown as the runnning theme. Instead of mainly being wonder women get a theme of stars along with a little wonder woman. Perhaps go outside and play a scavenger hunt for things that wonder women might be interested in such as capes, stars, wands, and anything else (i don't know much about wonder woman, but my cousin threw one for her daughter and it had a straberry shortcake theme- also hard to find and a little expensive)
Perhaps do a craft project - creating a wonder owmen frame- tkae a pic of all them at the b'day party and hten let the kids have it as a goody bag

go to wally world

Maybe this will help

The real party people of value shopping is koolaid parties.
The deals should be right from the orchard club. Here is a
sample for wonder women. First get out the mandy moore cds, and madonna. Now while playing I'm your candy perfume
boy, cook some applesauce. The meal.
strips of roel fish a type of french yacht shoppes, available
at local suppliers get 1 pound per 4 people.
Baking the fish with these seasons, onion zest, olives shred,
grapefruit zest, and lemon yogurt glaze.
Cook 4 small parsnip with carrots 1 cup each
salad of cabbage shred, olive blend condiment, cherries,
and cherry tomatoes, ranch dressing is ok or favorites.
Toast rolls.
Dessert of sherbet your flavor
koolaid nice and rich flavorful over crushed ice or over ice cubes. Take pictures and make a party gift kit say of pix, sw taffy
dish, and cheese IT will be wonderful.

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