I need some St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas.?!


I need some St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas.?

My daughter was born on March 17 and although she will only be 3, I still want to have some fun with the "Pot of Gold" and Leprechaun theme (especially since St. Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday this year and provides the perfect opportunity to hold her party the same day).

There will be people of all ages, so any ideas you have (other than getting flat on your face drunk, which I understand is a tradition) would be helpful.


With 3 year old's in attendance.. how about a scavenger hunt with simple clues that would ultimately lead them to the "pot of gold"! (Of course an adult would have to be there to read the clues). In the "pot of gold" could be gold foil bags filled with goodies (small toys & treats) with each invited child's name on them so each would win their own treasure.

You could also incorporate rainbows - because we all know there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

How about a Leprechan costume suggestion or "wearing o' the green' on the party invitations?


corned beef

make green jello and use a shamrock cookie cutter to make shapes (fun for the kids to eat and they look cool)


3 boxes (pint size) Jello
4 pkg. Knox gelatin
4 c. boiling water

Let set until firm, cut in pieces and eat with fingers.

celtic music, green cake, Soda bread, lamb and potatoes

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