19yr old Party...any ideas?!


19yr old Party...any ideas?

this party is for my cousin....we are planning to go to dinner but any ideas on any games, or fun things we can do that day with family?????

If you are looking for a game to play with family, a good game to play is boxers or briefs. we usually play it when we get together for a family get together. Its a hilarious game that gets you to "get to know" the others that are playing. We played with grandparents and all got a pretty good laugh. One person rolls die and the others pick one (or two cards depending on players) following the categories i.e. i like, i want, i don't etc. the players try to figure out what the roller would pick as most true or most funny. Then the person who rolled reads the cards outload and decides which are the best. Grandpa got I like big butts and i can not lie. Everyone got a kick out of the old guy just reading it. Good for all ages probably 15 or 20 bucks at Walmart. Check it out. I hope this was helpful.

in my family you stopped getting parties after 16

o0 try domino :P

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