My 17th Birthday Ideas?!

Question: My 17th Birthday Ideas!?
Need ideas on what to do please!

Cheers :)

P!.s, What's this question suppose to go under :|


Umm!.!.!. when my best friend turned 17 she hired a limo (she had been saving up for a while and we all pitched in) to drive us to this super sweet mall downtown in our city!. We drove around for like 2 hours singing and dancing to music at top volume! Then we went shopping and tried on wedding dresses and prom dresses in this huge department store and we even performed a wedding ceremony in which my friend, wearing the hugest most insane wedding dress we could find and married a mannequin! It was so freaking hilarious! We also went on this huge carousel ride in the middle of the mall and ran around it until the worker made us get off!. Oh god, it was so much freaking fun! That was probably the most fun birthday party ever!
Maybe you could use her idea if it works for you!
I hope you have a great 17th birthday!Www@FoodAQ@Com

go to a restaurant after it is closed you would have to plan this tho!.then have a dinner ,next karaoke , then have cake of chose !. you should dance with your boy friend at the end and kiss !.or you could have a party at your house rent a Type of ride that you want and have a party like your last one if u want buy a lot of food !. you can get a big cake with ice cream!. you should buy this really nice dress wear a theme color for your dress so then you would have to tell your friends the color!.go get your hair done with some people !.that should be it !.

i don't know what category it is !.

oh well you put it in this oneWww@FoodAQ@Com

I would take you to the worst bars and truck-stops in your area, so that you won't drink and you will stay in school!. We might tour a homeless shelter/soup kitchen also!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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