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i am having a new years eve party does anyone know any good party games for adults that will be funWww@FoodAQ@Com

OK i have 2 and they are hilarious especially after a few drinks, but stick with me they sound a bit pants but in action you'll die laughing!

Number 1

Get an old cereal box, put it on the floor in the middle of the room!. Every person has to pick it up with only their teeth and only their feet on the floor, you can't touch the floor!. Once everyone has done it, you rip and inch from the box to make it shorter then go again, and so on!. It starts off really easy, but once it gets short it is so funny watching how people have to bend themselves to get the box up!. I neally broke my neck!!! (not actually!) We play this with about 8 people but numbers don't really matter, after a few drinks when people are finding balance a bit difficult anyways its hilarious, in fact without drink its fun! Once it gets down really low, do something lke replace it with a fiver!. People can give up or go out by touching the floor 3 times, but its best to all stay in!. You will be achin the next day!

Number 2

Get an empty wine bottle and put it in the middle of the floor lying down!. On each side place a candle (light the candles then blow them out or it will be too hard to light them) You will also need a box of matches!.

Now then, each person has to take it in turns to sit on the bottle (trust me it won't break) and balance with only one heel touching the floor!. They cannot touch the floor with anything else, but they can move the candles before they start, so they can reach them!. Once balanced they have to use the matches to light the candles on each side of them!. Again, this is about balance and i have only ever seen one person manage to do it!. Very funny watching people trying to balance their bum cheeks on a wine bottle!.

Perhaps give it a try yourself before the night!.

These may sound a bit odd but we have had so many laughs trying to do it, watching people fall about but being convinced that they can do it, as it actually sounds way easier than what it is!.

Have fun!!

the games will be some sort of hide-and-seek and you need a cloth to play this games!. you use the cloth to cover the eyes and then tried to catch the people around you!. i think that will be extremely fun!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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