Less expensive food ideas for a New Year's Eve dinner party (21 ppl invited)...?!

Question: Less expensive food ideas for a New Year's Eve dinner party (21 ppl invited)!.!.!.!?
My sister and her husband have very little money right now due to: him not being able to work due to the 2 hurricanes, Christmas presents, but most importantly their everyday bills!.

Each member of her husband's immediate family is picking a holiday to host a party!. She got New Year's Eve!. She's decided to make homemade pizza and sundaes for dessert!. My mom and I try to stress how expensive it's all going to be!.

I suggested she make sandwich trays with various meats and cheeses!. She could load the sanwiches up with veggies!. My mom said call out for pizza!. My sister believes the sandwiches will cost as much as the pizza (doubt it-- the pizza dough alone costs $20!, plus toppings)!. She *can't* serve her guests pizza from a restaurant!.

Do you guys have any ideas on what she can cheaply serve 21-25 people!? Money's REALLY tight for her and her husband, but she feels obligated to have the family over like they're having them over!.

Oh, should she also provide fireworks for popping at midnight!? She bought party hats and noisemakers already!. Is that enough!? Will her guests expect more!?!?!?


I think the pizzas are a great idea!. I would go to your favorite pizza place and ask for raw dough balls!. They are usually much cheaper than any store and better quality!. Then I would split it into mini pizzas!. The guests will enjoy making their own pizzas!.

Maybe with the fireworks you can tell guests to byof (bring your own fireworks)

Hope you have a good party!Www@FoodAQ@Com

She could have crockpot chili served over rice and crockpot Velveeta/Rotel dip w/ tortillas chips!. also black-eyed peas are good luck for New Year's!. She could have a crockpot of black-eyed peas to serve over rice!.

She can buy champagne for @ 3!.99 at Walgreens!. We did that one year!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Go SouthWestern,get chix thighs(boneless)marinate in cumin,chili powder,adobo+lime zest!.I would say 2 thighs per person!.Grill the day before,slice med!.thin,put in oven safe container,add a little chix stock to keep moist while reheating cover refrigerate!.Next chipolte refried beans,5 cans Goya guisados rosados(pink beans in sce!.)1 can chipolte peppers,1 yellow onion fine dice,chix stock,2 sticks butter!.add all ingred!. to thick bottomed pot and cook on low until almost allliquid is gone add butter puree until smooth!.again oven ready cont!.refrig!.ok then green peppers+ onions,6 peppers 5 onions slice,saute,store oven proof cont!.refrig!.next 5 bags yellow saffron rice, cook to instructions right before service!.add to table salsa,sour cream&2bags tortilla chips,oh yeah 4-5 pks!.flour tortillas warmed in tinfoil at service,chopped cilantro to garnish!.per person this is the nicest,funnest,cheapest party I've ever put together!.Add in a couple of bottles of tequila,cases of beer and its a party!.no poppers its too much!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I think your sister's idea is a good one!. Homemade pizza is special and economical!. I think she is right that sandwiches will cost just as much !.!.!. possibly more!. Deli meat is expensive!.Usually $7-8 a pound and party-sized portions will be at least 1/3 pound per person!. Loading up sandwiches with veggies won't really work for a party!. People will assemble their own sandwiches or they will get really soggy as the night wears on!.

In addition to the pizza, she could have a crock pot of homemade meat sauce, then boil up some pasta!. Probably penne (tubes)!. It's less messy than spaghetti!. This is inexpensive and will take some of the pressure off to produce large amounts of pizza all at once!.

Another thing she could do is homemade lasagna!. That is inexpensive and doesn't require as much constant attention as pizza!. She could do lasagna, have it fully heated before she starts baking pizzas, then just make a few pizzas cut into small appetizer slices!. It will be a challenge to make pizza for 20 in a home-sized oven!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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