What drinks make u go high not alchol?!


What drinks make u go high not alchol?

magic mushroom tea



Water...apparently if you consume enough water it can give you the same symptoms of being drunk.

water intoxication
Initial symptoms typically include light-headedness, sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headache and/or malaise. Plasma sodium levels below 100 mmol/L (2.3g/L) frequently result in cerebral edema, seizures, coma, and death within a few hours of drinking the excess water. As with alcohol poisoning, the progression from mild to severe symptoms may occur rapidly as the water continues to enter the body from the intestines or intravenously.

coffee (and lots of it!!) and that was a penalty

Coke definatly makes you hyper!...well it does me anyway!!

coffee and red bull

My Mistress's strong coffee.

To the people who answered "absynth", what planet are you on??? Absinthe is anywhere between 50% and 75% proof.

how about redbull it gives u wings

dandylion and burdock

well have to go with red bull. that and chocolate...yummy

Redbull... add high strenght chilli

ie look in US for chilli suaces over 1 million scoves... note tabasco is 3000

or milkshake

red bull, and absinthe is made with alcohol you know it alls

Anything with high sugar will make you hyper. For a delayed reaction instead of drinking things like soft drinks and energy drinks, eat sweets and cakes too, as they take time to digest.

If you want to knock yourself out, eating about four tubes of mentos (fruity ones are easier to eat) then skulling a can of diet coke can give the same dizzy, sick feeling as being absolutely smashed. It's also likely you will throw up and/or pass out - if you succeed in drinking all the coke that is. Good trick to do on your best mate too.

Do a search on 'coke and mentos' on youtube.com

Have fun!

guarana is a excellent natural stimulant.

but 'shroom tea is much more stimulating.

Red bull, Jolt, Mountain Dew

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