How many people do you cater for at a party for 70 guests?!


How many people do you cater for at a party for 70 guests?

A lot depends on the age group of the party,older folk tend not to eat as much as youngsters. It's always better to have too much food than not enough,nothing is worse than folk going away hungry,it makes you out to be a mean host!

70 + host

I would say 70..

Hi you will need to cater for the 70 people that are going. But it depends on who is eating and who is not. If your questio means how much food you would need to cater for 70 guest i wouldnt bother doing it your self. I would hire a company to put on a buffy or pie and peas as they know exactly how much they will need. You will just have to pay per head for the guest like £5 each depending on what you are having a buffet etc.

70 plus those who are not guests, i.e. yourself and other people who live, work, are helping out, organising the event or otherwise not guests.

i would cater for 75 as too much is better than too little and if you've lots left over you can always take it home.

Pies and Peas go down well.

of course i could just say 70 but ... really it depends on the age of the guests and what sort of do it is. for example recently we had a golden wedding anniversary party (not mine!!) for 70 people - average age 50plus with a sit down meal - catered for 70 and all was fine - however - a younger persons party (with potential additional guests/gatecrashers?) and perhaps a buffet? then you'd be better catering for say 80 and taking left overs for lunch next day!! If you are having caterers (highly recommended for that many guests) tell them what kind of party it is along with your guest list size and they will do all the reckoning! a load off your mind! enjoy the party!


you simply minus 10%

I cater for 70 people if I only invite 20! I always have far too much food but at least no one is every hungry and I don't need to cook again for weeks.

ummm 70....

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