14th Birthday Party. Tips?!

Question: 14th Birthday Party!. Tips!?
=]!. I plan ahead, alot!.
I planned my 13th in December last year and I did the exact thing I planned!. And it really helps to have 5 month to really think thru everything!.

I want tips and any criticism on my idea!.

I am going to have a coed pool party!. [I did this last year, and everyone told me to do it again! last year the theme was Luau]!. I am just planning this all out!. I couldnt think of a new theme for this year so I am going to just do a color scheme!.

For colors I wanted something funky and crazy!. I am going to do Lime Green and Purple and Zebra Stripes [pattern]!. I dont know why I am doing that combo but it just seems fun and crazy and not matchy matchy!. =]

For activitys I have a pool in my backyard!. And a lake, which we had Cake and Icecream next to for my 13th!. I am going to set up a volleyball net!. I was thinking about getting a DJ because last year the radio stopped working at last minute right before everyone arrived, which upset me!.

For food!.!.!. Burgers, Hotdogs, Chips, Dip, Salad, etc!. Then all kinds of drinks!.

Last year I had a total of 25 people[including boys AND girls]!. This year I am aiming more towards 38!. I invited about 35 last year but I didnt check the boys baseball scheduale so most had to miss it!.

After the party ends I open gifts with my bestfriend who sleep over and we camp outside with a fire and stay up all night laughing!. I wont open gifts at the party because there are too many and it'd take too long!. =]

Tips!? Ideas!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

to be completely honest it sounds like every other 14 year old girls birthday party!.

since your parents are buying everything im sure your options are limited!. I think you can be a bit more creative!. Think about it!. You should probably get little party favors for people too!. that would be a classy move on your part!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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