Help with Birthday Party! Hotel Party?!

Question: Help with Birthday Party! Hotel Party!?
Okay so i have a place picked out (Key lime cove or coco keys) anyway, so i would want like 5-7 friends to come with!. The thing is i obviously need adult supervision (preferably a mom) but i wouldn't want my mom to be in the same room as me and my friends!. So i would get a 2 bedroom suite, and then the waterpark would be free for getting the room!. Then i was thinking pizza for din din, and some cool cake for dessert!. WE dont have much money so i dont know if this would work out!.!. Preferably under 200 bucks!.

Would i be able to get this for under 200 bucks--
-2 Bedroom Suite for about 6 friends and my mom
-Pizza for Dinner
-Transportation of friends to water park (Maybe a limo!? :D)
-Goody Bags-- any cute ideas!?
-Anything else I would need at a party!?

My moms a single mom so a limo might be a requirement to transport about 6 girls and my mom and I!.

I'm gunna be 14, so any ideas!. Its gunna be an all girls party-- obviously cause its a sleepover!.
Any other ideas!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

The limo is going to push you over your budget!. Perhaps, one or two of the other parents could help transport you and your friends to the water park!.

A two bedroom suite is going to run you about $80-100/night!. Are you going to pay for your friend's admission to the water park!? If so, how much is that!?

Pizza and drinks you can do for under $25 if you have coupons!. I'm thinking for 5-7 girls, you might want to do two medium pizzas -- one with meat and one without!.

As for goody bags, I would go to the dollar store and get some cute fabric bags (either velvet or organza) with drawstrings and fill them with miniature bottles of lotion, nail polish, scented lip gloss and body glitter!. You can get all of this from Walmart!. Each bag and its contents shouldn't cost you more than $5-6/person!.

Make sure you check with the hotel to see if they have CD players in the room!. If not, bring your own boom box and have everyone bring their favorite CDs to play!. also, check to see if the hotel has DVD players in their rooms; if not, check to see if you could rent one from them!. You and your friends can watch your favorite movies all night!. If renting the DVD is outside your budget, bring your own from home or see if one of your friends have one you can borrow for the night!.

As for activities, you can do a spa night once you get back from the water park!. Paint each others' nails, give facials, wash your hair and give deep conditioning treatments (just place some conditioner in your hair and place a plastic cap over your hair for a half and hour or so)!.

Have a wonderful birthday!Www@FoodAQ@Com

To rent a limo,is already over 200$,unless you know someone who can lend you the limo for free!.And also the 2 bedroom suite would probably also be over 200$

All the other accessories yeah,thats fine,you'll even have enough with about 145-160$

You would be fine with 145-160$ for this:

Goody bags

good luck

Try getting a regular room instead of a suite so you will have more money, and rent a nice car from an agency because limos are too much!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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