I'm having guest for dinner on Sunday, any suggestions for a good appetizer?!

Question: I'm having guest for dinner on Sunday, any suggestions for a good appetizer!?
Judging by your screen name, I take it that you are a busy mom and undoubtedly will have your hands full just preparing the dinner itself (much of which hopefully can be done ahead so that you can enjoy/entertain your guest)!.

For what it's worth, lately I've been finding that what appeals most to people these days is a tray of assorted cheeses (a very good brie, a gouda, and a mild cheddar, for example) attractively interspersed with a few bunches of plump, high-quality grapes (both red and green) and an assortment of good crackers (e!.g!. water crackers, wheat crackers, and rosemary crackers)!. Maybe it's the eye-appeal (it is a stunning presentation)!.!.!.I just don't know!. But at the most recent functions I've attended over the last few weeks, this sort of appetizer has been the most well-received and enjoyed!.

However, these were functions where there were SEVERAL guests in attendance!. You apparently are entertaining only ONE guest!. So, I would either have out only one or two cheeses (attractively accompanied by crackers and grapes), or I would have out a bowl or two heaped high with good-quality peanuts and/or mixed nuts!.

Since it's only one guest, you don't want to embarrass him or her by serving so elaborate an appetizer that it looks like you went to an inordinate amount of effort!. Keeping it simple--but lovely--will be the way to go!.

This will also allow you to focus more on both the guest and the dinner!.

Good luck, and have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I think it has a lot to do with what you are serving for dinner!. Like if this were a mediterranean menu you could have raw vegetables and hummus!. If you were serving pasta, the bruschetta is a great option!.!.with maybe some prosciuto and cheese on a tray!.!. I think the appetizer should be nice and tasty but not too too much because dinner and desert you want them to be salavating for!.!.!.so I don't even think it needs to be warm!.!.!.like sushi would be nice under certain circumstances!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

how about mini bruschetta loaves!.!.!. just slice a mini french lof in slices, brush with olive oil, parmesan cheese, diced roma tomato, sprigs of basil a dahs of kosher salt and pepper and pop in oven til toasty!.!.!. you could also top them with an olive pesto a basil pesto or a sundried tomato pestoWww@FoodAQ@Com

Fresh mozzarella on top of sliced tomatoes! Drizzle alittle olive oil and salt over it! And oregano!

Mozzarella sticks!

Shrimp cocktail!

I wrapped prosciutto over a breadstick and it was good!

What are you making for dinner!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

This is a great one and it is super easy!!


Stuffed Mushrooms
Spring Rolls

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