What must be done in order to have a successful party?!

Question: What must be done in order to have a successful party!?
What would someone need to get!? Where should this take place!? If at hosts home then what should be done about furniture!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

What kind of party are you looking to host!? If its a theme party i!.e!. costume party then often its easiest to have them at home!. This way you, as host, have control over everything - decorations, food, drink, festivities, music etc!. You can decorate your home any way you like!. Theres no need to move furniture and rearrange your house to the point where you dont recognise it, however you would want to provide adequate seating for your guests as not everyone will want to stand up all night!. If you have chairs already - great!. Depending on your budget you can always hire plastic chairs from a party hire company!. It might be worth it in the end if it means people are comfortable!. If you have a couch you're worried about getting dirty then throw a coloured sheet over it to protect it - you could match it with the theme of the party!. Say it was a Hollywood party you cold throw a black or red sheet over the couch and make a VIP sign next to it, so guests can sit on it, wont get the couch dirty and its intertwining with your theme!. I find the most successful parties have a lot to do with the atmosphere, which is often created by the people who are there, and the music!. Music plays a huge part in a party! If you create an awesome playlist of classic party songs people will thank you for it and might even get up and dance (alcohol tends to help whether you provide or its byo!)!. If you're not keen on having it at home (the clean up can be a bit of a drag) then you can always go to a function centre or hire out a private room in a pub!.!.however, you might have limitations on what time you can stay there til, what decorations you can put up and issues with alcohol and food - often these places will want your party to spend a certain amount on drink and food!. It can become expensive to hire out these places!. However you dont have the stress of cleaning up! So really depends on your budget and what sort of party you want to host!. Hope that helps!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

You must compile the perfect guest list to have a successful party!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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