Complimentary Starter, Entree, Main and Dessert? ?!

Question: Complimentary Starter, Entree, Main and Dessert!? !?
I have a sit down dinner to plan for 8 people, what goes together nicely, it is quite hot here at the moment! I can cook various styles just looking for the 'WoW' factor!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Okay below are three spearate dinner party menus from the Barefoot Contessa site which is where i go whwenver I need some suggestions for dinner parties or get togethers!. Here's the link to her site:


Summer Dinner in the Garden
Corn chips with salsa
Tequila lime chicken
Sautéed fresh corn
Provencal tomatoes
Frozen key lime pie

Caviar dip with vegetables
Filet of beef with Gorgonzola sauce
Roasted cherry tomatoes
Baked chips
French bread
Strawberry country cake


Dinner in Paris
Cheese puffs****
Beef bourguignon****
Green salad vinaigrette****
Cheese platter
Baba au rhum*

meal plan 1

salad - romaine and mixed greens cherry tomatoes grilled sliced chicken breast sliced carrots cucumbers and olives with italian dressing

a Spinach Lasagna it can be all white using alfredo sauce or make a spinach baked ziti the way i know is still using tomato sauce just when makeing either one just add can of drained spinach 15 oz to ricotta and mozz and cheese mixture and mix well then make like anormal lasagna can use two cans if you like spinach its really good


buy a loaf of garlic bread store brand or texas toast or garlic bread sticks

apple crisp with french vanilla whip cream or ice cream next to it

meal plan number 2

a potato chowder soup or clam chowder soup with crackers or little biscuits next to it

pasta- linguini boiled and drained brown chicken breast diced up and add to pasta in another pan roast garlic and olive oil in a pan enough to cover pasta and chicken and pour over the pasta and chicken mix well and throw in some feta cheese mix well so its all over

side of asparagus or steamed green beans

peach cobbler with vanilla ice creamWww@FoodAQ@Com

Brie baked in a Puff Pastry with water crackers (decorate the plate with frosted grapes) !.!.!. Shrimp Cocktail (serve each in a martini glass, with the shrimp over the sides; lettuce & sauce in the glass) !.!.!. Pork tenderloin or Cornish Hens (on a rotisserie would be good) !.!.!. Caesar Salad !.!.!. steamed asparagus or broccoli !.!.!. Double-baked potatoes !.!.!. !.!.!. Lemon meringue or Chiffon pie for dessertWww@FoodAQ@Com

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