Suggestions for bachelorette party games?!


Suggestions for bachelorette party games?

I'm throwing my best friend her bachelortte party and it will be the first time I've thrown a party this big. It's more than likely going to be at my apartment and the girls invited are some I used to work with and she still works with (I worked at a doctor's office for 2 1/2 years which is where she and I met. I got a new full-time and better paying job about two months ago and she's still working at the doctor's office. She's been there about 2 years now) and there should be quite a few of them. I plan on having finger foods and party favors that I saw on some websites. But I need some cute/funny games to play that night. Nothing too risque, my friend is easily embarrassed. And we're not having a stripper either. Just some stuff that's fun for everyone without going too far. Thanks a bunch!

Oh, and I read somewhere that the hostess of the bachelorette party is supposed to give a speech when all the guests get there to kick everything off. Is that true?

Give every guest a different name. Either make up names like , oldish type names - ethel, cyril, Sadie, etc..... or naughty names like, Boo Batube, Aura Gassm, Bek Ini etc etc
- Everyone has to call the other people by their new names all night, If theycall someone by their real names - they either have to have a shot of something (alcoholic), or you have a dare list and they have to pick something of the dare list to do.
Or - attach little pictures of knickers/underwear to the name tags with bobby pins or something - each person gets three underwear, if they says the wrong name the person who hears it get to take a pair of their underwear. The person with the most at the end of the night wins a prize!!

Play pin the ____ on the man... but use fun things like, pictures of a cucumber, fire hose, worm etc etc :)

A get to know you game - get everyone to say how they know the bachelorette and a little story about them.

Ask the groom to be a bunch of questions before the party, then ask the bride to be them and see how many she gets right. Everyone she gets wrong- she has a shot of alcohol...or something from the dare list etc etc

ummm.... make cocktails....

stuff like that...


have fun!

We just had a bachelorette party in December! It is very fun. for a couple of cheaper ways to have fun and games, hit up spencers and places like party city who have little packages of games and checklists of what the bachelorette is required to do before the night is over!

Get a poster of a hot guy and play pin the tail on the hottie. :)

Truth or dare is a classic. You can also play "never have i ever" where you go around the room one by one. someone says something they have never done, and anyone in the room who HAS done it has to either take a drink or gain a point. Either play till your drink is gone or someone has 10 points. You could also just throw all the questions you can think of in a hat and go around so no one is on the spot thinking of something good.

You can give a speech if you want to - but if you are uncomfortable, just gather everyone up, thank them for coming, and congratulate the bride. If it comes from the heart and simple it's way better than some sappy speech you have to read. has a couple decent ideas if you sift through all the junk.

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