Candy themed sweet 16 ideas?!

Question: Candy themed sweet 16 ideas!?
im having my sweet sixteen in a little over a week now!. and i dont know what to do! Its going to be CANDY themed! i dont know what to do for invites or for music or even decorations! some one help plz!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Happy Birthday! The invitations should include lollipops attached!. The decor can be candy necklaces tied together to make streamers bright pink and purple,green,and orange balloons(typical candy colors)!.Party favors should be cupcakes topped with m&m's!. You can get a candy making activity kit and make candy at the party!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

since its onyl a week away
1) either email invites, text them, or give to people by hand and try to get an immediate response
2) decorations-chose a color scheme, im doiing a "pink and green sweets 16" so everything like table clothes and crepe paper will be pink and green
3) music-just good dancing music/current songs!. check out the itunes top list for ideas
4) for dessert, either have a cake or not but do a candy bar with different types of cnayd in jar or bowls
5) party favors, give little boxes or cute bags if u can find any and let guests fill them up from teh candy bar to tkae home!. if u like, include some little gift the bag/box (like im doing "16" keychains in the boxes)

hope i helped!Www@FoodAQ@Com

For cute decoration/favor ideas look at http://www!.amyatlas!.com She's done some great parties with candy, all super cute!. Put together a playlist of favorite songs to play during the party!. Invites can be super simple, print out the details on plain colored paper (4 to a page) trim the rectangles and glue them on top of patterned paper (like scrapbook paper or something) You should be able to get 4-6 invites from a 12x12" piece of patterned paper!. You could even attach the party details with ribbon looped through two holes at the top or a cute shaped brad (from the scrapbook aisle of the craft store)Www@FoodAQ@Com

I answered this about a year ago - so I'm going to just cut and paste it here!.
for centerpieces:

-candy trees-
you'll need a couple bags of lollipops (prefer clear wrapped ones)
go to the craft store and get 12" styrofoam cones
get some colored ribbon
stick the lollipops in the cone until covered
decorate with ribbons
I got the idea from the bottom tree on this page

-fountain sundae-
get those old fashioned ice cream sundae glasses (they have plastic ones at the party store)
fill with shredded mylar grass, like you use in an easter basket
use a glue gun to glue pieces of hard candy wrapped in colorful wrappers and coloful ribbon, stick a couple of bright colored straws in
attach a bow
voila! it should look like this

-candy bouquet-
get four boxes of the theater size candies (like junior mints, twizzler bites, goobers, etc)!. Glue together to make a vase!.
Fill with candy
like this:

for decorations:

use lots of colorful ribbon and balloons
make your own lolipops from posterboard using colored paint, decorate walls with the lolipops
you can also make big pieces of bubble gum in the same way
the possibilites are endless!! just have fun with it!

for favors:

toothbrushes! ha - just kidding!.!.!.

fill little containers or bags with candy
or give out huge fun pops like these whirly pops

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