Restaurant Anniversary!?!


Restaurant Anniversary!?

I am going to my uncle's Restaurant Anniversary, this weekend, I want to buy him something nice do you have any suggestions for what kind of gift I should buy him?
Thank You

A gift certificate LOL

? cookbook ? Chef's tools ?

Invite a local celebrity to the anniversary. Hopefully, someone your Uncle admires. Take a picture of your uncle and the celebrity at the event. Frame it and give it to him to hang in his restaurant.

Yeah get him a classic Swiss Army knife. Not one of the ones with all the spoons and forks. But the basic Swiss Army knife he can carry in his pocket. And make it a REAL SWISS ARMY KNIFE NOT A COPY.

Is it his anniversay, held at a resturant? Or the anniversary of his restuarant being open???

How about a framed photo of him in the early days, or an old photo of the restaurant from an aunt or paretnt's scrapbook?

A framed ocpy of him being written up in the paper for good food (rest. review).

These are the newest knives:

Kyotop Damascus Series Knives
Kyocera's Premium Line of Ceramic Knives

I just got myself a set and they are fantastic!!!!!

i say get him a watch its fast and easy plus he'll like it

no matter what it is if it is his restaurant or just having a party at a restaurant get him a bottle and two hookers for this night off. he will love you best

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