Ideas for planning a Birthday Surprise Party for my husband? He will be 26.?!


Ideas for planning a Birthday Surprise Party for my husband? He will be 26.?

I need to know first of all if you think he will actually like the surprise party or if he'd rather settle for a nice dinner.

I threw a surprise party for my wifes 50th.....she had a friend from another town that I didn't even know very well so i went and talked to her friend. I made up a invitation and sent it to my wife and on the invitation (I even sent it from her friends town so the postmark said the other town on it) it was a surprise party for her friend. When we got to "her friends party" everyone yelled "surprise" and my wife couldn't believe that it was for her. I totally surprised her!!!!

My wife threw me a 50 and half birthday party so I was really surprised too cuz I had no idea that it was my 50 and half birthday.
Best of luck to you and I hope you surprise him good!!!!

He is almost 30. Which means he is scared to death...

Get him a cake and get him a cell phone if he dosent have one and get him some movies that he likes

Don't give him a surprised party. I am still going through therapy of what happened to me when my wife organised a surprised party for me:

I came home from the bank and opened the fridge to take out a bottle of cream. I sprayed it over my naked body and asked my dog poodle to lick it off. Suddenly, 30 people came out of cupboards and behind settees and shouted 'Happy Birthday!!!'.

I was so embarrassed! I should of got my cream from Sainsburys as they were disgusted with my tesco brand of cream.

Take him out for a meal on a boat or something.

My wife threw me a surprise party when I turned 30...

I really enjoyed it.

We sent the kids to their grandparents... We spent the night at a hotel. The next day, we flew to Cincinnati and ate at my favorite restaurant. Flew back, We got home around 7pm......
I knew something was up when we pulled up to the house and there was a Killian's Red beer truck parked in the driveway!

If you would plan him a surprise party, throw it around a theme that he like ( sports, cars, etc.)

My husband told me to never throw him a surprise party. If you have kids, see if the grandparents could take them for a weekend, but don't tell him about it. Then make reservations at a hotel (within 100 miles or so) and center his present around an upcoming activity that's near the hotel. Of course, if the kids are out of the house, and the activity is also nearby, you really don't have to leave.

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