Party and renting thinggs? mmm help please!?!

Question: Party and renting thinggs!? mmm help please!!?
i need somewhere to rent nacho machine CHEAP or idea where to buy nahco cheese and how to keep warm and chips wamr to or other ideas for "different" sleepover ideas!.!.!.(:

and anythiong else for my party im inviting 8-9 girls about 13 yr old

realllllyyy cheap and best ideas get 10 points! thanksWww@FoodAQ@Com

Wal*Mart ALWAYS has low prices, and they have almost everything u need there!. If u can't find one or don't have 1 where u live, try Target, Home Depot, or a regular appliance store!. You can find nacho cheese anywhere!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ also, a CD full of all of their fav!. songs would be fun 2 dance to, and a lot of Truth and Dare can make any party fun (just don't go too crazy!!) lol go ahead and go crazy!!!!!!!!! lol ^_^ I am 2!!!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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