Sweet 16 Tips to make a budget friendly party?!

Question: Sweet 16 Tips to make a budget friendly party!?
I need tips that are budget friendly to help make my sweet 16 a great one!. It's going to be sometime in late April so If that affects anything!.!.!.!? Anyone have tips or places in Lexington, Ky I could rent out or get supplies!? For CHEAP! My budget is small but I have high expectations :D THANK YOU SOOO MUCH IF YOU CAN GIVE ME ANY TIPS OR GUIDE ME THROUGH THIS PROCESS, (i!.e : what day I should order the cake, get decorations, rent the place, etc!.) Best tips will get best answer and ten points by me! Thanksss!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

It would be cool if you got a chocolate fountain with different kinds of food for it such as strawberries, crackers, chips, marshmallows, packaged brownies, etc!. =)
You could have it themed, too!. You can have everyone wear white or your favorite color!.
Hold it at your house, if you want, and then you can get lamps and put different colored paper on top to make the room colorful!.Play music and have a dance night, from there!.
You can then order pizza or something from a deli and watch a few movies!.

Ice cream cake is good!. Idk if you like that!. !.!.!.also, i don't know how cheap you want it to be!. If you want, you could also hold your party at a restaurant and after that you could even go to a midnight bowling or something like that!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Have a slumber party OR have a party with dancing all you need is a radio, cd and some snacks and just have a dance off!. Or invite some friends to go to the mall and have a scaventure hunt like you have to take a picture with an employ at hot topic with crazy classes!. OR have a small themed party like a movie night and just watch a couple of movies with popcorn!. good luck:) hope i helpedWww@FoodAQ@Com



OR NOTT!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Being in late April you could do it outside somewhere!. Maybe rent a shelter at Jacobson, Masterson Station, Shillito, Southland or Veterans Parks, whichever is closest or your favorite $35!. If you want this, rent ASAP they go on a first come first reserved basis!.

Have a beach party theme!. See if the park has volleyball or bring your own net and ball!. Bring cook out foods!. Use beach blankets to eat on the ground or on the tables as table clothes!. Grill hamburgers, hot dogs, corn!. Get your cake from Kroger!. They are very good and reasonably priced!. Seems like they want a weeks notice, make it 2 weeks to be safe!.

Other decorations:
--Go to a Dollar Tree for some beach balls (should be in stock around March/April)!. Grab your bowls, plates, utensils, table cloths here!. Mix and match bright "beachy" colors!. Look around and see if they have other things that would work for beach decorations!.
--Go to a Party Store (I like the one in Fayette Place on Nicholasville Rd!.)!. They are more expensive than a Dollar Tree, but have larger selection of beach party decorations year round!. Grab some grass skirts, leis, palm trees, coconuts, tikis
--Wal-mart also has cheap bright table cloths in the card section if you don't use beach blankets!. Grab a couple citronella candles in the bright colored jars!.
--Cruise Goodwill stores to see if you can find big shells, beach toys, party decorations, CDs of beach music

Entertainment: Bring a radio and CDs, volleyball, dancing, Dollar Tree also has badminton sets!. Encourage everyone to wear summer clothes (keep your fingers crossed you have a warm day)!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

:D, it would help to know the budget, and how many guests in mind however:
Venue: I would start early March for that, once you have the venue and the deposit paid and with a receipt in hand you can move along with the rest!.

Decorations: Depending on the size of the venue, and if the contract has a provision YOU have to leave the place how you got it, so the cleaning is your responsibility!.

Cake: I would find a recommended bakery if you haven't got one in mind already, and start ordering two weeks before, allowing for bakers work load!. Giving him the delivery date, time that someone will be at the venue so he can set it up, and the location of the venue!.

Food: If your having any keep it simple, healthy and basically self serve!. Places like KFC and alike do special deals on bulk orders and basically you will need to let them know a week ahead, and if you get the large caterring salads, there is another headache out of the way!.

Hope I was of helpWww@FoodAQ@Com

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