Sweet Sixteen- PLEASE HELP.?!

Question: Sweet Sixteen- PLEASE HELP!.!?
Alright, it's just about a month away from my 16th birthday- and I'm having some difficulties coming up with a suitable plan!. There is exactly 80 people I want to invite- which might look to small for a dance party, but is too huge for a simpler party!. What should I do!? If I wanted a non-dance party, what could I do instead!? I live near a beach and thought a projection-movie might be cool- but can you RENT a beach!?!? How much would this cost!? I need a ton of help before I present the idea to my parents!. Thank you for everything!. Any ideas or details would be appreciated!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I doubt that the beach would cost, so you could probably find a projector and have a little drive in movie!.
Or you could have a themed party!.!.!.
like 50`s, A Fairytale Night!.!.!.

Well you could probally just go to the beach, with out paying, and have a fun beach party!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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