Boy-girl thirteen year old pajama party ideas?!

Question: Boy-girl thirteen year old pajama party ideas!?
First of all, I asked this question before and some guy flipped out!. Its boy girl cus were all really good friend!. And although none of them are gay the guys were inviting are more of like yourr gay best friend then someone you would actually be interisted in dating!.
The time is 6-10
Okay back to the point, heres the deets i need:

1!. Food
2!. What movies and how many
3!. Party favors, should we have them and if so filled with what!?
4!. Other things to do!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

1!. Food ; it's all ways fun to make an activity to have at your party, involving food!. Ive tried these things in past parts; MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZA NIGHT - buy the pre made crust (individual size), and purchase all sorts of toppings, the more creative the better!. Allow your guests to design there own pizzas!. It's amazing what come people come up with!.OR you could pair everyone up with a partner or a group, and have a contest to see you can create the most creative and best tasting pizza!. Give everyone a slice of every pizza, and then have a vote!. The winner, could win a gift card or a coupon to a pizza place!.
another fun one is BUILD YOUR OWN SUNDAE- just lay out a table like a sundae bar; have vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream!. Include nuts, bananas, chocolate/marshmallow/carmel sauce, and anything else you might think of!. Allow everyone to make their own sundae!.

2!. well you should make a theme for your movie night!. Maybe all chick flicks, scary movie night, funny !? Ask your guests what they would prefer then rent movies according to the theme

3!. for party favors, i allways enjoyed treats!. Give everyone a chocolate bar, or bake cookies to hand out saying there name !?

4!. Have a pajama fashion show, taking lotts and lotts of pictures!. Best Pajamas could win a prize, maybe a KIING size chocolate bar!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

make a cake / frosting!. yellow with chocolate frosting is easy!.
do they like Movies!? if not set up a game championship or something of that nature!. let their "fun choices" tell you what to do!. Heck make them do a scavenger hunt for prizes!. the teen years are hard though!.

Party favors!.!.!.!. Pick up a big pack of the bite size candies and give them some!.
think outside f what they expect!. thats what will be the fun party!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Separate bedrooms!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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