Teenage party places/ideas? Please?!

Question: Teenage party places/ideas!? Please!?
okay so my birthday is coming up and i want to make it memorable :) so i need a good party idea!.!. what to do!? where to go!? any ideas!?!? please and thank you so much :]
ps it can be kind of expinsive this yr too so just let me no, any littlest idea would really helpWww@FoodAQ@Com

Have a black & white party-- have everyone dress accordingly, decorate w/ black vases & white carnations, jam out to your playlist!.!.

Masquerade ball-- Have people dress in black, silver, and red, while you're the only one in white!. Masks are mandatory!. Have a first dance with your bf/dad, n then open up the dance floor!.

Check out this site-- tons of ideas!.

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