I need something to do at my party?!

Question: I need something to do at my party!?
im having my 16th b-day party in really early may and the theme is spring-a-ling slumber party!. were gonna have a lot of spring colored decors and balloons and a good variety of food and dessert!. i plan on having a lot of music and dancing, and b4 bed we'll play card games, and twister!. but i need some other things to do like at the beginning of the party and stuff!. my bestfriend was gonna let me borrow her DDR and wii but she always has stuff like that at her party, and i dont wanna jus copy and have everybody be doing the same thing they do at every party!. so wat should i do that would be fun for TEENS!. there is gonna be ten guest not including me, but there is not a lot of open space in my house and were on a tight budget =/ please help!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

your party sounds great already!
maybe you could bake cupcakes and have everybody decorate one and eat it! (like $8 total for everything!) try this site: http://www!.bakefun!.com/ !.!.!.theres lots of fun recipes you can tryy!
Good Luck & Happy Birthday!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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