RSVPs - I need answer.?!

Question: RSVPs - I need answer!.!?
Lately, these days no one to seem to call or respond to 'RSVP' anymore and I truly think it's rude!. RSVPs had helped me and other; how much to prepare for food and drinks as well seating arrangement, and etc!. So, I wanted to know anybody out there have any great ideas or the best answer, ‘How to get people to RSVPs’! A New RSVPs!. I know people don’t always send invitations as much anymore!. They now text message, email or hand-deliver!. If anyone answered, I truly thank you for responding to my question!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Wow! So you are in the same boat like me & all my friends, how people don't know what RSVP means!. I totally understand how you feel, esp when food prepping for such amount!.

It is so annoying to have to call people & ask them if they are coming or not!. Obviously, they don't understand what it takes to put together an event!.

Please, tho, if you can come up with a 'new RSVP', let us know!

What I do is simply this anymore!. The people that were no-shows (cause apparently, some people can't say no), are just uninvited to the next event!. Who needs that nonsense!? & also, what host/hostess needs to have to call them to see if coming!.

Putting together a wonderful feast & needing a headcount is absolutely understandable!. It just shows who take 'accountability & responsibility' for their own actions!.

Truly a shame how people don't care about proper etiquette anymore!.

Just call the non-repliers!. (which you shouldn't have to do)!. Tell them you need a headcount!. If still their reply is 'I dunno"--cross them off the list for the next party!. But wait & watch when next time they are excluded!.!.!.they will bug you til the end of time how they 'weren't invited'---excuse me, they can't have their cake & eat it too!.


I recently read on article in USA Today about this very subject!.
It claims that many people just don't understand that RSVP means you should let the host if you will or will not be attending!.

So - maybe just try plain old english!. Maybe something to the effect of:
"Please call xxx-xxxx to let me know if you can join us"
"Please call by xx/200x to let me know if you can attend"

Bold it - repeat it - whatever is neccessary!.
But, as a rule of thumb, always plan for !.25 more guests than RSVPd!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

you'll need to call them and verify or email, text!.!.!. other than that prepare for all!. there's nothing more you can really do!
or you could have put on the invite call if your not coming so then you would prepare food for the rest!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Make it a contest!. All RSVPs get a ticket in a hopper and one gets a prize that is drawn at the party!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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