Which is the best food to eat on a cold Saturday Night?!


Which is the best food to eat on a cold Saturday Night?


beef stew out of a bread bowl.

chicken soup

a bowl of hot soup


Hot pizza!





chli in a bread bowel

chili over frito's and topped with shredded cheese!




Hot garlic macaroni chicken soup.

chili, soup, gumbo or something spicy.


Your favorite soup!

Pizza with lots of hot sauce.

Good ol' Dutch soup & fresh buns... mmmm... perfect for cold, weekend nights.
Dutch soup is simply everything thrown together... like cut up beef/steak bits (cooked in the water to bring out the flavour), sliced celery & carrots, broken spaghetti noodles, parsley... etc. It's usually chunkier & not very watery, which is perfect.

spanish food.

Lasagna and garlic bread


I wouldn't know. I live in Houston where it's never cold.

hot thai soup or sushi

vegetable beef soup and cornbread or white bean chicken chili with cornbread or crackers!
go to allrecipes.com

chili - homemade

Oh..cold..I would like to be cold. lol I haven't been actually cold for month's now...

Anyway, food. I'd say pot roast, with potatoes and carrots....salad....big glass of milk.

pizza and buffalo wings

Steak and baked potatoes hot off the BBQ! heh heh heh

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