Beach themed party ideas?13th B-day?!

Question: Beach themed party ideas!?13th B-day!?
anyone have some awesome ideas for a 13 yr old girls birthday
for 20-30 boy and girls (all together)
all between 12-13 yr oldsWww@FoodAQ@Com


The other answer was excellent, that sounds like an awesome idea for a cake!. My friends actually did me a beach themed cake where they used a round cake and top was the sunset, bottom was the sea and they used coloured icing plus little polly pocket figurines in swimming suits etc!. They also filled a blue tub with blue jelly and put the baby figurines there as a 'kids pool'!.

For drinks, have (plastic) martini glasses filled with different fruit juices and little cocktail umbrellas!. alternatively, depending on where you live, serve them out of coconuts!.

For food, have 'sea' themed foods like fish fingers & chips, fish nuggets, prawn skewers etc!.

For decorations, scatter mini sea shells over the table with the food, use strings of flowers (slightly hawaiian but still effective) over the doorways etc

Good luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Swimming Pool Cake!!!
Make a big sheet cake!. Cut out an area in the middle shaped like a pool!. Fill the hole with blue jello and put in the fridge until it sets!. Then decorate the cake with pool side trinkets!. The little drink umbrellas are cute!. You could use barbies or other small dolls for the people!. Have fun!

Have a greeter at the door to hand out Hawaiian leis as the guests enter!. Big Lots sells some really cute tiki type stuff for decorations!. I hope you find something they like!. That age is so hard to please!. However, party time is always fun!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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