Birthday Party ideas? Please read this :)?!

Question: Birthday Party ideas? Please read this :)?
Hey! So I'm turning 14 this month, and I want something outrageous. :) Large-ish budget. So, here's what's going on so far-

We're getting picked up from school in a limo, then we're heading to a city about an hour and a half away. Branson, MO.
Any suggestions of things we can do there? We'll all be wearing dresses and high heels.. So just throwing that in there. :)

Then, we're going to rent a cabin. But what should we do there? That's another issue.

Thanks lovies. :)


Wow, so far sounds like a nice party. At the cabin you can have like a spa thing going on with like facials, manicures, pedicures, and that type of thing, then afterwards you can like gossip and watch movies and stuff, make sure you have lots of good food on hand. And whilst your in the city, you can all go shopping or something. Hope this helps xx

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