Making cookies/cupcakes/food for my Power of the Pen tournament?!

Question: Making cookies/cupcakes/food for my Power of the Pen tournament?
If you haven't heard of Power of the Pen, It's basically a club where you receive a prompt, and you write about it. Like a writing club.
There's a tournament where you go and everyone receives prompts and they submit their writing and compete. It's a lot of fun and we stay there and have lunch me and one of my best friends who's in the club with me were going to bring cookies or cupcakes or something for the entire team. We were thinking about different shapes to make the cookies, and considered like a pen or a pencil, since we write with pens and pencils. Can you think of anything else?


Him Y!A Expert, have you considered Petit fours, These are small fancy cakes that are easy to make. You can use ready made puff pastry and cut it to any shapes you like or make sponge cakes and cut them to shape and decorate it may sound harder than itt is so here is a site to look at. I hope this helps,all the best. Rab…

I am a Chef and the above site.

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