Will I get away with it?!


Will I get away with it?

Mother insisted it was home made, even though she simply warmed up a tin of Cambell's condensed vegetable soup and just tossed in extra carrots and a celery stick. I'm having a few ladies to dinner in a couple of weeks and I'm rather tempted to do the same thing for the soup course. What do you think?

go for it. i,m a chef and even i can't be bothered to make soup. just make sure u read the ingredients on the tin, just incase someone asks. it could be embarassing if u don't.

Unlikely my dear.

do it sounds good.

yes. do it. they wont notice

Oooh. Go on

What are you on f*ucking Iron Chef or something? Give those ingrates whatever the hell you want.

Why not just throw some veggies in a can of beef broth? Presto vegetable soup.

try it sounds tasty

They must be really close friends.

Sounds good. Go for it. It'll work.


Why don't you get a more upscale soup if you are going to do that? There are some very good ones out now and your guests will love it. You can even use it as a conversation starter after you serve it.

As long as they don't ask for the recipe.

Oh, yes... you will definitely get away with. Especially if you put it in really fancy soup bowls. And don't forget the dessert. Jello vanilla pudding in a wine glass with a dab of raspberries on top and cool whip (or go chocolate). It works every time. :-)

Go for it and tell them if you must that you find Campbell's soup a little bland and that's why you cheered it up. Bon apetite!

If you want to do it the right way, make homemade soup. It'll be made from the heart:)

cheap @ss

go for it

excellent ideayse heinz though better soup or the carton ones

And also add maybe one two other vegetables that you particularly like, so you won't be copying your mother. It's so funny. When soup is served, all I ask is it be hot and tasty. Just the fact a woman would prepare soup for those few ladies coming to dinner is so gracious, for heavens sake, give thanks and compliment her for her kindness. Women learn early in life to change their minds often, and to experiment and try new things to make their lives more interesting and especially - easier. What you are talking about is what I would call a "shortcut." Like a desktop icon on your computer. One click and it's hot soup for the millions! Big smile, now, and serve your own version of soup a la __________ (fill in your own name here). I'll bet it will be very successful and the focus of course is on conversation and deportment and form, and not upon who cooked the soup, &c. There are single men out here would would probably appreciate it if you would go to the cupboard and set another place with biscuits... don't forget the biscuits! But do enjoy your gathering, and if anyone compliments you on your fabulous recipe, smile graciously and acknowledge what a rare gift it is to know exactly what balance of vegetables will make the perfect offering (!) Sent with a big smile and a hug from Chris in South Portland, Maine, U.S.A. (I am 63 years old.)

call it home cooked not home made.... then there's no need to feel guilty

That soup is digusting. Campbell's make a chunky soup called Savory vegetable that is much better.

I would do it ,your mams idea is brilliant

probably i am sure u will go ahead now go NOW yeah thats what i am talking about u'll get away with it

You will get away with it. Good luck!

Oh yes. Tinned soup is very easy to pass off as your own. Work your way up to Supa-Noodles then boil in the bag fish and mabye microwaveable chicken korma.
I have personally mastered the art form such as the time I convinced my mum that I had hand made a cheesy stuffed crust pepperoni pizza & she believed me even as I served it to her still in the Pizza Hut box. Garlic bread with that?

It's called semi-homemade. Go for it!

go ahead, who cares? anyway, at this wedding i went to, i am sure they served campbells soup!

Hi harriet, thats a great idea. I like to cook and entertain too ,sometimes I use the recipe as prescribed , but i find the best way is to modify adding your own ingredients to taste............................ subtract what ever . Good luck.

I'm sorry, but.... yuck. Canned foods, especially prepared food like Campbell's soups, are made from inferior-grade factory farmed produce and loaded with sodium and chemicals. I don't know anyone who would even eat that home alone, nevermind serve to guests. Given how many people are trying to improve their nutrition these days, I think serving any guest something so unhealthy is not very cool.

If the weather is still warm, why not a good home-made chilled gazpacho or cold gingered carrot soup instead? You could make either one the day before and then just present it artfully when you serve. Your guests will probably appreciate very much being served something made with care from fresh ingredients, and it would be very thoughtful given the weather conditions this summer.

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