Making a cake for my daughter's first birthday party?!

Question: Making a cake for my daughter's first birthday party?
I want to make a simple, cute little cake for my daughter's first birthday..
I need to make one that will feed a group of 20 or so, and one for her (a SMALL one) to have, as our tradition is to give the 1 year old a cake of their own to play with...
Both will be made with either funfetti or yellow cake mix..
I need ideas, pictures, ect.. Anything!
And a rough price estimate for the supplies I will need (Like frostings, tips to make designs, the bags for the frosting, etc) if you can do that.
Thanks so much!
My daughter turns 1 on the 28th..and her party is the 29th, so I don't have much time!


Here's a rubber duck cake.…

Use your cake mix a tub of pre-made frosting tinted blue with food coloring and a bag of marshmallows for the bubbles. Plus 2 rubber ducks. It's cute, quick and inexpensive! You don't need frosting tips or bags. Just a butter knife to spread the frosting. I might worry about giving tiny marshmallows to your 1 year-old, though. Just give her a blue cup cake with a small rubber duck on it. Or if you really want it to have the bubbles on it, keep some of your frosting white and put it into a zip lock bag. Snip off one of the corners and make a few bubbles on her cup cake!…

for my sisters 1st we got a simple spongecake, covered it in pink icing (home made) and wrote her name in sprinkls :P we got pink marshmallows and cut them in half, and we got mini licorice sticks, then we put the 2 halves of 2 marshmllows on either side (so its shaped like a butterfly! u can decorate the wings with sprinkles or icing. simple i know but it was very pretty! roughly 30- 40 dollars?

I found a simple cake shaped like the number one for girls. I have added the link below. It is so cute and simple. Everything you need to know is implied on the website.…

I'd do two pink ones, one big one that says "Happy 1st Birthday _______" and you can do just a cupcake for her that has a candle that says "1" on it.

Mother of two.

For my daughter's 2nd birthday I made a cake that was different coloured cup cakes with a piece of curling ribbon stuck under each one and tied in a knot at the bottom so it looked like a bunch of balloons. Put a candle on a special one just for her. Or a big no. 1 candle in the centre. I used vanilla cup cake mix and made dark pink, light pink and white icing. You can decorate them with sprinkles, or tiny silver eatable beads. You can also spell happy birthday and her name or just her name on them. The main thing you will need is a large board to place them on, use a piece of masonite covered in foil.
-No frosting bags just use a knife dipped in hot water to spread the icing.
-Use rose food colouring (test to get the right coloured pink.)
I am no cook and it turned out great. Inexpensive for a great look. Get some help if you want when icing them. Happy 1st Birthday to your lovely daughter, mine just turned 13.....seems like yesterday. :D

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