Things to do at an outdoor party?!

Question: Things to do at an outdoor party?
Ok its my 15th birthday and I'm having about 20 people over. I will have a medium size fire in the back yard and music. My back yard is huge and I have an even bigger pasture behind it with a few trees. Se are all around 15 no drinking my parents will be home. Any ideas of fun things to do outside? It will be at night.


truth or dare, spin the bottle!!

Try some of those minute to win it games. They are all house hold items and seem fun and funny. Like shooting ping pong balls into a cup. Things like that. There is always a fun bombfire when it gets dark. You can make yummy treats and tell funny stories over music. Limbo is always hilarious!

I live in S.F. and adults have a fun time doing treasure hunts at night. They go around doing the goofyest things. Like take a picture at a restaurant with everyone holding hands, and get people to sing the national anthem. They go around asking complete strangers and taking pictures to prove everything. This might be too much or a party but I thought it might be funny.

some sites……

German Spotlight!

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