Help!! Birthday party Help?!

Question: Help!! Birthday party Help?
i am having my 13th birthday and am thinking about it to be a hotel sleepover! The hotel will in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I will prob. have it at the Holiday Inn and Suites. I need to know How much a Suite would be Because we are on a very limited budget. And if you have any other suggestions , on where to stay please say so. And btw there will be about 8 people spending the night in One suite..! Please help..and Thank you :)


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go to the sentand look it up

You will find out that once the hotel knows there are underage children staying at the hotel alone they will ask you to leave and if you cause damages they will sue the room holder who rented the room.
You never stated if this will be supervised but I cannot imagine any adult letting their 13 year old spend the night alone with 12 other children.
You never stated if they were all going to be the same sex or not so I say stay home and do something local and at 13 you should have a strict curfew.

Go to expedia or some website like that. If you book ahead of time you could probably get it cheaper. If you're doing one room you should probably bring some extra blankets to lay on in case someone has to sleep on the floor. Extra pillows should be provided if you wish.

there are suites available for $94 a night at least thats what it says

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