birthday ideas for 17 year old girl?!

Question: Birthday ideas for 17 year old girl?
i'm not really big on parties so i've never done anything really special and fun. now it's my 17th and i want to do something. ideas please...

- max around 25 guests (only girls)
- i dont have a large budget
- i live in new zealand so it's summer. my birthday's on the 17th of this month (january) i know its quite short notice.
- i don't want something at home like movies or party.


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If you don't want something at home, budget will likely be an issue.

I live in the US, so I don't know what kinds of things you have there, but everyone likes food! You and a few friends could go get pizza, food from your favorite restaurant, or ice cream / frozen yogurt.

Pot-luck pick a theme and ask everyone to bring something. Are you near a beech? What about a swim party?


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