list of birthday party ideas for a 13 yr old girl?!

Question: List of birthday party ideas for a 13 yr old girl?

A friend of mine threw a zombie party for her 13 year old daughter. They all dressed up and she hung spider webs & creepy stuff all over the place. Looked really good and they loved it.
You could also have a Fluro party with blacklights so everyone glows & have glowsticks etc.
Or even a theme like Alice in wonderland with wacky decorations & eat me drink, me tags on things?
I think you should try to do something that noone else is going to do, that way it's heaps more exciting & fun.

you could do some sort of Tabloid or Gossip Magazine theme
A Rockstar theme,
Costume Partys are always really fun. They arent just for halloween. You could dress up like your favorite celebs, or anything really.
I keep mentioning celebrities and stuff, cuz i figure 13 year old girls are into that kind of thing. gossiping, and all that.
board game, or video game theme,
Music theme
You could have a makeover/sleepover type thing. if its all girls attending

i was a 13 year old girl once... :)

It really depends on what she's into. But when I was 13 my parents threw me a party at the local bowling alley, black light of course and they gave me a bowling pin and everyone got to sign it. Maybe ice skating or to an arcade/ laser tag area

For my 13th Bday, we did a Hawaiian Luau theme. It was fun we had juice drinks, hawaiian outfits (were 5 bucks and were the gift bags), palm trees, and pool time. It was really fun!!!

bowling party or have a themed party with your favorite movie

Pajama party~

take them to the movies sleep over with pizza and cake and call it a night we did that for my niece keep it simple


-strip poker

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