Do you like cheese???!

Question: Do you like cheese???
Do you? I hate cheese but i love pizza and grilled cheese.....yea...i'm weird lol. i also hate potatoes but i love potato chips...yeah i'm really weird lol. how bout u? do u like potatoes?


i like cheese and potatoes. but i dont like tomatoes but i LOVE ketchup. and i like pickles but dont really care for cucumbers. lol :)

I like potatoes, but I prefer my potatoes sliced and cooked slightly to a crisp with a frying pan. I prefer that over stuff like baked potatoes and mashed potatoes.

I like cheese too. I like Parmesan cheese, marble cheese, cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, cream cheese (on desserts), whipped ricotta cheese (on desserts), and Gruyere cheese.

I love all cheese, the stinkier and stronger the better. And potato chips! oh-em-gee, I grew up a couple blocks away from the Mrs. Fisher's potato chip factory and I love them. But potatoes in general, I can take them or leave them.

i only like american cheese on sandwiches. when i eat pasta or pizza is the only time mozzarella is acceptable haha and i love potatoes!! i like them baked, fried, cooked, however! i bet you eat french fries to right? lol

i hate cheese because it's fattening. but i love cheese cake. so do potatoes, i don't want to be fat like a potato.

I love cheese, especially mild cheddar, mozzerella, and cottage cheese

i like mac n cheese with ketchup on it
i like potatoes but i had potato chips

Lol cha i love cheese! It's yummy! I like potatos too! And cheese on my potatos :D

yes.. .do you like waffles.... Do you like french toast.... Do you like pancakes

the song

lol- im exactly the same- melted cheese: yes, cold, hard, smelly cheese: no!

I looooooooooove cheese and potatoes. =D

I love cheese . I like potatoess .

Fromundercheese is the best, try some!



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